Our Services

Technical & Engineering Expertise

Building Science & Engineering Research
Implementing practical and scientific knowledge to solve building problems, improve materials and methods of construction, and advance new building technologies.

Code Development, Code Compliance & Code Compliance Research Reports
Deep involvement with code change proposals and advancing building codes provides us with insights that we use every day to help advance customer interests. This includes the capability to provide ISO/IEC 17065 Accredited Product Certification for updated and newly innovative products for tomorrow's construction and design technologies.

Standards Development
As an ANSI Standards Development Organizations (SDO), ABTG can facilitate the development of true consensus-based standards that help companies and industries advance a common set of performance benchmarks through testing and generally accepted engineering practice. Advancing standards for tomorrow's construction and design technologies is a key opportunity.

Structural Evaluation & Engineered Design
Bringing practical and affordable design solutions to reality for new, existing, and historic construction.

Disaster & Damage Assessment (Forensics)
Using a comprehensive knowledge of building construction, engineering, and state-of-the-art scientific techniques to investigate and diagnose building performance.

Expert Witness
Providing credible expert advice and authoritative testimony to aid in the resolution of construction disputes and insurance claims.

Business Support Services

Education, Training, & Technology Transfer
Turning technical training concepts in to content that appeals to broad range of audiences for in-person or online deployment.

Technical Writing
Developing and presenting creative information that brings understanding to the science and art of building construction, design theory, and regulations.

Market Development
Providing a clear vision for your new product marketing objectives and bringing that vision into focus with graphic design, branding, website development, custom web solutions, copywriting and online training.