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ABTG Standards Announcement

BSR/ABTG FS 200.1-202x, Standard for Use of Foam Plastic Insulating Sheathing (FPIS) in Building Envelopes: Above-grade Walls (new standard) was made available for review and public comment as published on April 8, 2022, in Volume 54, No. 14 of ANSI Standards Action (see page 16). The purpose of this standard establishes minimum requirements for applications of Foam Plastic Insulating Sheathing (FPIS) in the design and construction of building envelopes: specifically, above-grade walls. The scope of this standard addresses FPIS materials Expanded polystyrene (EPS), Extruded polystyrene (XPS) and Polyisocyanurate (Polyiso) that comply with ASTM C578 or ASTM C1289 for use on above-grade walls. This standard supplements the locally applicable building code and energy conservation code requirements. Obtain a free electronic copy hereThe public comment period closed on May 23, 2022.

ABTG is a standards development organization (SDO), first approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) on September 24, 2021, by ANSI’s Executive Standards Council, with an operating procedure for documenting consensus on ABTG-sponsored American National Standards.

ABTG’s operating procedures, ABTG Procedures for Documenting Consensus, governs the activities of ABTG related to the development, reaffirmation, revision, and withdrawal of American National Standards developed in the areas of building materials, assemblies, and systems, including methods of design, construction, and testing. Creation of ABTG standards will be undertaken based on unique and will reference other consensus standards where appropriate. ABTG and its standards development committees will function in accordance with “ANSI Essential Requirements,” making sure that due process requirements are met for the development of any and all Standards.

If you are interested in having ABTG facilitate a standard development project, including any needed research and development of a pre-standard draft, please contact us.

Current Standard Development Projects

ABTG FS 200 “Standard For Use of Foam Plastic Insulating Sheathing (FPIS) in Building Envelopes: Above-Grade Walls” is a standards development activity in progress. For more information on this ongoing activity, contact us.

Completed ANSI Standards

ANSI/ABTG FS 100-2012 (R2018) “Standard Requirements for Wind Pressure Resistance of Foam Plastic Insulating Sheathing Used in Exterior Wall Covering Assemblies" (reaffirmation of ANSI/ABTG FS 100-2012) was approved by the ANSI Board of Standards Review with an Approval Date of Final Action: 10/11/2018 and Standards Action Publication Date: 10/19/2018. 

This standard is currently recognized in the International Building Code and the International Residential code as “ANSI/SBCA FS 100-2012 (R2018)” and has been transferred by ANSI to ABTG as of September 24, 2021 without change to the content of the standard.

Download ANSI/ABTG FS 100-2012 (R2018)

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