2021 IECC Commercial Envelope

Presented as a live, full-day course at the 2024 Colorado Chapter of ICC Educational Institute, Jay Crandell, P.E. and Thomas Culp, Ph.D. cover the importance of the building thermal envelope in the context of the 2021 International Energy Conservation Code. The presentation slides cover:

  • Construction Documents (C103)
  • Compliance Path (C401.2)
  • Thermal Envelope Certificate (C401.3)
  • Climate Zone (C301) & Interior Design Conditions (C302)
  • Insulation and Fenestration Product Requirements (C303)
  • “Hot Topics” for Compliance and Enforcement
  • Opaque Assemblies (C402.1, C402.2, C402.3)
  • Fenestration & Daylighting (C402.4)
  • Component Performance Alternative (C402.1.5)
  • Air leakage (C402.5)
  • Additional Efficiency Requirements / “Credits” (C406)
  • Total Building Performance (C407)
  • Existing Buildings - Envelope Alterations (C503.2)

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