Installing Windows with Foam Sheathing on a Wood-Frame Wall

Residential housing design continues to move toward the development of high-performance sustainable building systems. To be sustainable, a building must not only be efficient and durable but also economically viable. For these reasons, new methods of enclosure design have been examined that provide high thermal performance and long-term durability and also reduce material use (including waste), simplify or integrate systems and details, and potentially reduce overall initial costs of construction.

NYSERDA Fastening Systems for Continuous Insulation

When insulating a steel-framed exterior wall in cold climates, it is usually necessary to provide continuous insulation on the exterior of the studs to reduce the effect of thermal bridging. As energy codes continue to become more stringent, the thickness of the continuous installation has increased. The increased insulation thickness, however, introduces several problems for building designers, such as window and door jambs needing to be extended, siding manufacturers’ warranties being voided when more than one inch of continuous insulation is used, and heavier siding products causing fast